Pathway To Heaven !


The pathway to heaven goes through cloud nine
The view from there is so spectacular and divine
Yet each one of us, on this journey, is reluctant to embark
Refusing to do so till there is even a faint spark
Friends, relatives, ever so many ties that bind us fast
Gripping strong and hard till that breath last
All our wisdom and knowledge refusing to accept
That to escape the inevitable us humans are totally inept.

Inspired by a pic posted by Caroline Bennet 🙂


Books Books Books !

Had  books not been our staple diet.  

 We’d never ever   have been such a riot.    

 Scrimping n scrounging to buy books

 Caring  two hoots about our looks.

 During  Maths we read Cartland n Mills n Boons 

 instead of figuring out the radii of moons.                                            

  chemistry bonded well with Arthur Hailey .                                         

  Physics with Mc.Lean was an affair daily.                                              

  English classes for Dickens n Shakespeare

Be it A Tale of Two Cities or King Lear                                          

  Meals with Max Brand and Sudden gobbled.                                       

   Chase and Mason while to school we hobbled.                                     

    But from the day to P.G.Wodehouse we were introduced

My interest in other writers was difinitely reduced



Care to make a change !

There has been an alarming increase in the number of suicides committed by teenagers in India. Is this just the tip of an iceberg? Shouldn’t we as a nation be distressed by this recent trend which seems to indicate a fast disintegrating social structure. A structure which was once the pride of our nation. ?

The child is the father of man. Children are the future of a nation. Cliches’ that look good on paper, but do we really believe them? Are we really doing anything special for the future of our nation? What do we have to offer them? We have an education system that is ridden with a controversial reservation policy. A social system overburdened with differences in caste, religion and hypocritical values with which the younger generation wants nothing to do.

Coming to the family structure, more often than not I find parents lumping their frustrations and disappointments onto the kids. Is it fair to have such huge expectations from them and what about their personal aptitude and inclination? The amount of pressure that is being applied to them from all fronts is unbelievable. Isn’t it pathetic that these kids feel it’s the end of the world just because they have not scored a certain percentage? Are all avenues in life shut to them? Why should all that we consider good be imposed on them? Teach them well, try to imbibe in them ethical values , a code of conduct, good behavior and principles which will hold them together and help them stand up against all odds, Eventually the choice has to be theirs. We have already suffered heavily owing to the legacy of the British rule, but what are we planning to leave for the future generation? What exactly is in store for them? A nuclear holocaust, Communal riots, terrorism, Naxal movement??? The problems unresolved are endless. Let us help them grow up with love and affection for their country and all that is truly Indian. Let them also be able to hold their heads high with pride and not hang then with shame!!

Teacher’s Day Special !

All thru the year we sermonize and lecture
To students who are made of a mysterious texture

No amount of badgering n scolding seems to matter
As they continue with their pranks n incessant chatter

They breeze in n out of classes with nonchalance
Like gymnasts who have their lives in balance

Whether a class an exam a project or presentation
They tackle with ease no sign of lamentation

Like villains we tend to increase pressure reducing choices
Very rarely do they object or even raise their voices

Bullying them into tests with a beguiling smile
As I take a backseat and watch them sweat all the while

Their radiance and exuberance is definitely catching
Coz we too are forced into an ebullience that’s matching

On this Teacher’s Day My Blessings to all students I convey
For making each day for us very special in their own way

May their enthusiasm and fervour for life never waver
I sincerely hope they sail through enjoying life’s aroma n flavour

Mused or bemused Always Amused:)


The secret recipe for wit and humour

Tis the real stuff and not just a rumour

Learn to look at all other emotions askance

Watch them pirouette ,do an occasional dance

Accept criticism with charm and grace

Of anger don’t allow the slightest trace

your countenance always sunny side up

though half the world you’d willingly shut up

never perturbed in control of your wits

while life continues to serve misses and hits

let  giggles and laughter be centre stage

and believe me you’ll be the latest rage

never will you be pompous n officious

having tasted the witty flavour so delicious

Sukanya’s Umbrella :)

Bangalore’s April showers

give Sukanya super powers.

as she traipses down to a mall

clutching a stylish parasol.

she has no cause to worry.

as others scamper and scurry.

the silken threads woven with care.

protect her from the weather unfair.

she puts aside the parasol so wet.

in a corner away from the carpet.

suddenly she notices her umbrella

in the clutches of a young fella.

she accosts him then n there.

punches n blows all in her glare.

pulling n jostling she gets it back.

not before giving him all her flak.

but being a blue blooded plum

she feels bad for the youth so glum.

n allows him to shield his maiden fair.

with the silken umbrella woven with care

sitting in an armchair by the hearth

she now recounts the tale with great mirth

Viva La Romance !!

An Ode to the one and only master of Rom Com ! No better day than Valentine’s Day to attempt  a tribute to P.G.Wodehouse 🙂

Oh for that wonderful Age Of Romance

The thought of which puts me in a trance

Moonlit nights laced  with mystical powers

Romancing the inmates of Totleigh Towers


Madeline enraptured by God’s Daisy Chain

Oblivious of Gussie’s love for Newt’s insane

Bertie Wooster dithering in constant perplexity

Unable to fathom human nature in its complexity

There’s Blandings castle in all its splendour

The Earl Lord Emsworth tremulous and tender

Pottering around with boyish delight n glee

Mesmerized by The Empress his queen bee

Aunt Dahlia’s guests have a certain weakness

For Anatole’s creations concocted with finesse


 While Bertie’s betrothal perpetually “on and off”

In gentlemanly response his hat he does  doff

But for the services of Jeeves his protector

Bertie could well be hauled up by an inspector


But eventually all is well in this comedy of errors

There is love n romance no lurking terrors

As St Valentine smiles benignly over one n all

They can only rise to the occasion never fall