Thank You 2016 for being so kind
Giving me time n space to unwind
I pray that 2017 brings joy unbound
Spreading love n warmth all around

Once again we are on the threshold
Geared up to make resolutions bold
Earlier if I’ve helplessly watched events unfold
Henceforth to my advantage each one I shall mould
Head on I’ll take life’s challenges untold
Hope for the magic touch to turn things to Gold
Stay energized n spirited and not have feet cold
To break away from rituals and superstition age-old
It’s time to get a strong grip n not lose my foothold
Coz I still have promises to keep before I’m clean bowled



dec 31 2014

Plenty of Highs dotted with a few downs
Loads of smiles sprinkled with frowns
The perfect concoction for a heady brew
but once again it’s time to bid it adieu
Hope that 2015 is equally easy to sail through
smooth, delicious n yummy like cheese fondue
Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year
may each day be thrilling n full of good cheer !

 25 dec 2016

Amidst the usual fanfare n applause
Santa too comes with a Clause
His bag of goodies has a zipper with steel jaws
Which refuse to open for all those who break laws
Many may consider the scheme as one full of flaws
Even protest about the use of sharp claws
But then it’s the season of cheer n guffaws
And it won’t be long before Santa thaws

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