Woman !!

A Happy Women’s Day To All My Female Friends and A Message to all Males 😃

Over centuries a lot she has endured
like old wine the woman has matured
Her qualities now packed in a new bottle
She’s geared to forge ahead full throttle
Though soft and tender she can be tough
If life crinkles up and the going gets rough
Calm and confident in control of her life
A doting mother,sister and loving wife
Handle her delicately with love and care
She”ll prove spirited if you are ever unfair
Beneath her hard exterior she’s still tender
Give her the respect that u owe to her gender



A few lines dedicated to all my friends 😊

giving me the license to rhyme is alright but suddenly I don’t find myself very bright it’s not as if I’m sore or uptight
nor am I drunk or sozzled tight.
just being amongst u is such a delight the constant chatter taken to any length n height
the humor with shades dark n light.
Yummy recipes worth taking a huge bite. laughing and singing from morn to night. sometimes pushing n egging for a fight. constant support showing strength n might. here’s a toast to my friends left n right
wishing you all a future bright 😃

Wednesday woes

Life has its highs n lows
But none compare to Wednesday woes
Truly stuck in the middle
No way you can mess n fiddle
The week has a long way to go
N things always tend to go slow
This one carries apprehension n pain
Everything hurts coz there is nothing to gain
And yet I know we must trudge along
Even though the heart carries no song
Just have to wait for it to get done with
So that once again I can be a spirit blithe


Hope the Monday has passed like a dream
Not giving you any chance to shout or scream
All sweet n smooth like peaches n cream
Rags there’s no need to smile and beam
A long way to go before u lose all your steam
Mukul as usual working hard with his team
With naughtiness always his eyes do gleam
Amit go easy on that maangsho and deem
Or Doc Valsala will prescribe juice of neem
Kumkum as predicted,continues to be a scream
Churning out jokes and stories all part of the scheme
This we continue to do every day in sheer fun
All through the day and much after the day’s done

Hi ,Hullo,Howdy

All it takes is a simple “Hi”
For my spirits to soar n fly

The usual short n sweet hullo
Sets my face truly aglow

When u send forth a cheerful Howdy
It keeps me young n far from dowdy

But the moment u even hint at a goodbye
Believe me my heart just stops n wants to die

To the world these are just simple words
Exchanged all over by the teeming herds

For me it is more than a mere expression
It embodies all the love n hugs kept in suppression

So don’t hold back or refrain from greeting
It’s my lifeline my love,a long awaited meeting.

Thank You 2016 for being so kind
Giving me time n space to unwind
I pray that 2017 brings joy unbound
Spreading love n warmth all around

Once again we are on the threshold
Geared up to make resolutions bold
Earlier if I’ve helplessly watched events unfold
Henceforth to my advantage each one I shall mould
Head on I’ll take life’s challenges untold
Hope for the magic touch to turn things to Gold
Stay energized n spirited and not have feet cold
To break away from rituals and superstition age-old
It’s time to get a strong grip n not lose my foothold
Coz I still have promises to keep before I’m clean bowled



dec 31 2014

Plenty of Highs dotted with a few downs
Loads of smiles sprinkled with frowns
The perfect concoction for a heady brew
but once again it’s time to bid it adieu
Hope that 2015 is equally easy to sail through
smooth, delicious n yummy like cheese fondue
Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year
may each day be thrilling n full of good cheer !

 25 dec 2016

Amidst the usual fanfare n applause
Santa too comes with a Clause
His bag of goodies has a zipper with steel jaws
Which refuse to open for all those who break laws
Many may consider the scheme as one full of flaws
Even protest about the use of sharp claws
But then it’s the season of cheer n guffaws
And it won’t be long before Santa thaws

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Jan 19 th

Jan 19 th ,to a special person!
When you spend two years of your school life,sitting on the same bench,sharing all the fun times, reading innumerable comics and mills and boons during maths class,eating jhaal chips with your heads behind the desk cover,you establish a bond forever. One of the most vivacious persons ,with whom I established an instant rapport,we were always upto some mischief in class.She was a heady combination of beauty ,brains,and a wonderful sense of humour .Full of spunk,she would wriggle her way out of tricky and awkward situations without offending the teachers.
Malini Venu ,today is your birthday and though you are not with us , I shall always cherish the memory of those wonderful years spent together,sharing,caring and daring !
Happy Birthday dear friend!


News or Views

How can one rely on the current media n press
When the authenticity of most news one can only guess
Leave aside the plethora of e-papers
Whose stand just fizzles out n tapers
Even with The Hindu , HT or The TOI
Objectivity in reporting appears to be a far cry
The public needs to prioritize n wisdom show
Not be duped by sentiment or emotional flow
Coz we as a nation are truly in troubled waters
We can’t at this stage be misled by a bunch of rotters !


Chemical Bonding !

The first two months of college were a mad rush and before we even realized it was time for the Christmas break. A good ten days if I remember well, and Rita  and I immediately started making plans about all that we intended to do. We were on our usual walk down the streets of New Alipore, two giggly and excited creatures discussing the days events, national issues,films, parents, obnoxious brothers…..anything and everything that caught our attention just had to be commented on. All those lanes and bylanes in New Alipore are indelibly stamped in my mind, nothing surprising considering the hours we spent every evening walking down all those roads as we talked, argued, giggled……

Coming back to the first day of our Christmas holidays, Rita wanted to learn driving because her family had just bought a new car and no one knew how to drive. As luck would have it (or was it a strategy of his ? I wonder.) we came across Ajesh  practicing his sweep shots on a poky little patch of green in front of the New Alipore library. We stood there chit chatting for a while (don’t know where to and when the other players vanished). I joked about how we were looking for a driver for Rita’s new car. Ajesh, in a very horrified tone exclaimed “you don’t know driving?” as if every girl was born with her hands on a steering wheel. “I’ll teach you both to drive. We’ll start tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning”, said he very chivalrously. Rita still looked glum. “Dad won’t let me use the car. It’s new. He’ll kill me if I were to even try”, she said morosely. Without even a second’s hesitation Ajesh  said ,”we’ll take my car”. We were still a bit hesitant.”What if we were to bash it up”? I resourcefully asked. “That won’t happen with me as the driving instructor” countered The Last Word with his usual elan. So it was decided that we’d start the next morning; he’d pick up Rita and then they’d come and pick me up and we’d all drive down to Red Road to learn driving.

That night I found an interesting book that kept me up till 4am, so when I heard the tooting of a horn I pulled up the pillow and covered my head pretending not to hear it. The tooting continued for a few minutes and stopped. Later in the day the two of them were quite indignant that I had slept through the honking and it was most unsporting of me. I apologized and promised to be up and ready the next day.

It so happened that I always managed to pick up something interesting to read every night and stayed up reading till four or five in the morning. as a result I  didn’t wake up early a single day of the holidays and the result was that within a week they were the cutest pair in college!! Hey guys I still haven’t learned to drive !!

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